Why young people don’t vote

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Ian James Parsley

Am I for Votes at 16? I suppose I am, in the sense that we had that in the Scottish Referendum so I think the precedent is now established (indeed it was established in Austria some time ago). But I have to caution that the notion this will suddenly double or treble the turnout among young voters is laughable.

He is my theory – though ’tis only that – on why young people tend not to vote: they are not used to compromise – whereas politics requires it.

Society and technology have changed significantly since the mass turnout elections of the 1950s. When my parents wanted to listen to music, they had to put up with a jukebox or a single family communal radio – in all likelihood they didn’t like most of the music they heard. By the time I was first taking an interest in politics and such…

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What is Wrong with this picture???

As you began Christmas shopping for your children you should look at the race that adverting the toy in the stores for example Toys r Us. Many people may think I’m taking this picture out of context,  but I totally disagree This picture is degrading to the African American race in so many ways .There are so many things wrong with this picture, I don’t even know where to being. This goes beyond just putting a toy on the shelf for consumers and their children. This picture represent the down fall that is happing in America right now, racial profiling is indeed real and is present in this photo. This photo is showing two Caucasian children in a police are and a black, African American, male childe in a red luxury car. As we all know many African American males are pulled over in luxury cars, because the many police have come up with the assumption that if “If a black male is driving a nice car then they are drug dealer or partaking in illegal matters.

The way the boxes are positioned is major because, the police car toy is behind the red care toy, which is barbaric. The way the boxes are positioned is showing the police car is chasing after the red car with the African American, male in it. There is nothing wrong with the toys but it is something wrong with the way the toy is being advertised. The part that is confusing to me is “Why is there a male and female child in the police car, and only one African American child in the red car?”  O Wait I know why. African American males are more likely to get pulled over because of their race.

Racial discrimination can be pointed out in many things that are around us but this toy display was obvious. What kind of message are we sending to the children we display a toy like. In all honesty they didn’t really need to put a picture of the children because its plan to see that is a child’s toy. There is a lot energy put in adversity a toy, I pretty sure that the people who made this toy knew what they were doing when choosing the models for this toy.





Arrested for feeding the Homeless. What!!!!!!!!

Everyone knows that the holidays are coming up. This is the time that we spend with our families in our cozy homes and pack on calories. These are joyful times that we remember and cherish, but there are some people out there who can afford to have these moments. As good citizen we want to give people that are less fortunate an opportunity to have a good holiday. For example we would go to the homeless shelters and feed the homeless the day before thanks giving. Or we would donate toys to children who parents can’t afford to give them a presents on Christmas morning. We do these things out the kindness of our hearts but doing being a Good Samaritan will get you arrested in Florida. Yesterday Arnold Abbott will have to pay a 500.00-dollar fine and may be facing jail time for feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The officer stated “Drop the plate now.”

According to CNN

“But Abbott, who has been helping feed homeless people in the area through his Love Thy Neighbor nonprofit since 1991, said authorities are targeting the city’s most vulnerable residents.


When is it a crime to help another person when they are in need?

Abbott stated, “These are the poorest of the poor. They have nothing. They don’t have a roof over their head,” he said. “Who can turn them away?”


As American “the land of the free” we should be allow to help one of out fellow citizens instead of turning our back on them. America lives by the Charles Darwin theory “The survival of the fittest.”


“I’m not satisfied with having a cycle of homeless in the city of Fort Lauderdale,” Mayor Seiler said, “Providing them with a meal and keeping them in that cycle on the street is not productive.”


This to me is the state of Florida trying to push out the homeless. It’s a disgrace when you can help another fellow American. This action is contradicting everything America stands for.

Another Black Teen Shot in Missouri!!!!!!!!!!!

Vonderrit Myers was shot last week in St. Louis Missouri, not too far from the Ferguson shooting where Michel Brown was killed by a police officer also. In this shooting the police stated that  Vonderrit  had a gun and shot at him three times before he responded with seventeen shots that killed Vonderrit instantly. The relatives stated that that the Vonderrit Myers did not have a gun. According to Faith Karimi and Ben Brumfield from CNN “More than half a dozen bullets struck Vonderrit Deondre Myers, 18, in an encounter with an off-duty police officer. All but one of the shots were nonlethal, striking his lower extremities. The lethal shot hit him in the head.

“It started when Myers and two other males ran from the officer, who was in a car, St. Louis police said. The off-duty officer pursued them because he thought one of them had a handgun. He tussled with Myers, who pulled a weapon, police said.”

After the exchange of fire, Myers was pronounced dead on the scene.

“The officer, a six-year veteran who has not been named, was placed on administrative leave, per standard department procedure. He served two tours of duty with the military in Iraq and was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, Bruntrager said.

When is it going to end when will there be consequences in place to let police know that this will not be allowed in the Justice system. There is this stigma that states that it is okay to take another human being’s life. Even thought there are numerous protest rallies occurring it seems that it is not enough if police are still killing teen.

In the article it stated that Myers was shot in places  where it was not classified as fatal a couple of times until the officer decided to shoot him in his head. I’m no the smartest person when it comes to guns but I’m pretty sure that the first couple of shots slowed Myers down enough so that the officer could retrieve Myers’s gun. The gun shot to the head was excessive and uncalled for.

Myers and Brown were both 18 years old and lived in Missouri. This incident happening in the same state close to one another says a lot about Missouri police officers as a whole . The police officers need to step back and reevaluate their position in the legal. The police officer duty is to serve and protect, not to manipulate and kill. We are in the time where citizens are afraid to seek help and they fear the police.

On a personal level I fear for my brother who is a young, black, 17 year old male.

Even though my brother is very educated and stays out of trouble. I fear the status quo that is against him. I fear the prejudice notations that are given to young black men; I fear the discrimination that hinders young black men from succeeding and reaching their full potential. The societies we live in give black men this label as soon as they are born.

Hey have you seen the movie “Django Unchained”?

Hey have you seen the movie “Django Unchained”? “Well one of the actress’s from the movie was detained by the police for not showing her ID”.

“Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts said on CNN Monday that she refused to give a Los Angeles Police Officer her identification when he asked for it because, “I believe in America and what it stands for.” Police said they were responding to calls from witnesses who said Watts and her boyfriend were involved in a “sexual act” in a public place in their car. Legal experts say the officer did have the right to request identification if he suspected illegal behavior (Duke 2014).

There has been a lot of attention on police racial profiling since the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson. Police “men” some how think they have the authority to arrest or detain a citizen without probable cause. In this case the police stated that they suspected that the actor and her boyfriend were involved in prostitution because they were displaying public display of affection also known as PDA. Since when is PDA classified as prostitution?

“Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts says Los Angeles police allegedly detained her because they thought she was a prostitute.

A watt, which is African-American, and her white boyfriend accuse police of racism for questioning them after they were seen showing affection in public (Duke 2014).

I believe that this was in fact racial profiling; because when the police got the call all he heard was that there was “white male and black women being sexual in public”. The police automatically jumped to the conclusion that Daniele was a prostitute and that her boyfriend was the “pimp”. When is a crime for a black and white couple to show their feeling for one another? America really need to wake up and smell the coffee in my opinion. This incident is really just the tip of the ice-burg because just a month ago a teenager was gunned down in the middle of the road for being black yes I said “Black”. There is so much hardship that African Americans and Latinos have to deal with just because of the melanin in their skin.

While Daniele was in cuffs she stated to the police that he thinks he has power and that he thinks he can just go around asking for identification card without probable cause and his response was “I DO HAVE POWER”. This right here is a prime example of modern day slaver. Just because he was able to put her in cuffs and get her identification card was a sign of power and control In his eyes.

In the interview that Daniele had with CNN the interviewer claimed that if she had gave the police her ID then it wouldn’t have escalated that far. The interviewer didn’t see that this was more than just giving the police her ID, it was Daniele standing up her rights and what she believed.

Duke, A. (2014, September 15). ‘Django Unchained’ actress defends not giving ID to cop. Retrieved September 23, 2014

Inequality in Health Care !!!!!

Hey I was browsing CNN website and I came across an article that describe caught my attention in a negative way. The article expressed the inequality that is present in some of out hospitals in America. Which is barbaric to you; the fact that health care is not free in this country or the fact that inequality is still present in the health care system?


Taking a look back into history African Americans face a great deal of discrimination in the health care system from white physicians and also employees. You would think that today America has progressed and change their feeling about racism the hospital but in all reality we have a long way to go.

There are numerous forms of racism but this is far more outrageous to me, because everyone should feel safe and secure when it comes to their primary physician or nurse. We look to our doctors to take care of and lead us in the right direction to proper health. African Americans, minorities, and women shouldn’t be afraid to go to the hospital or emergency room and feel discriminated against. No one should feel that they are not receiving proper care because of their status, sex, religion, and race.

The article that I read gave some example of inequality in the hospital setting and here they are. According to Louis Sullivan, and Augustus White (2014),


“Women with symptoms of heart disease often are not transported by     emergency medical services to health facilities as rapidly as men. Women and blacks with heart attack symptoms are not given cardiac catheterizations and other appropriate clinical tests at the same rate as white men. Latinos and African-Americans do not receive the same pain medication for long bone fractures, as do their fellow citizens.

Sullivan and White (2014), stated


“Hospitals would be encouraged to join the fight if equality were included as a metric in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. These rankings are popular and closely watched. They bestow bragging rights on hospitals, but most important, provide guidance for people deeply interested in where they might go to receive the best care in the specialties that concern them most.”


I agree that if they were to place equality in the U.S New and world ranking, it would encourage hospitals to treat all patients with equality but I also feel that the hospital would focus more on their ranking instead of the patient. It should not take a “ranking” to ensure patients are treated equally. Treating patients with equality should a natural instinct in a hospital setting, hell it should be a natural instinct for everyone but only in perfect sadly.


In my final thoughts, I feel that inequality is present in numerous institutions but one place is should not be present is a hospital because we put out lives and trust in to our doctors, nurses, and dentists hands we depend on them to help us maintain a health life.


“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”

Milton Friedman


Sullivan, L. (2014, July 16). Inequality persists in health care. Retrieved September 8, 2014.