Prisoners are human too

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As social workers we use every free moment to part take in self-care so that we can have some kind of balance in out life. Either if is shopping taking a nap or going for a job, like the inmates in Organ. I think this a wonderful idea but many people may not agree with it. Even though prisoners have committed illegal crimes, we have to remember that they are humans just like us.

The Oregon program allows individuals in prison to run beside people in the community. Those in blue are the inmates and those in orange are the community members. Only 150 participants are allowed to run at a time, and because there are about 2,000 individuals residing in the prison, it could take up to four years waiting time for people to actually participate in the program. It is said that it is not simple for inmates to get into the program and usually they have to have 18 months of clear conduct to be accepted into it. But, I do believe that this program can really impact inmates by allowing them to feel a sense of normalcy and interaction with citizens outside of their day-to-day connections. I value freedom of human beings and certainly the importance of human connections/relationships and diversity within those bonds. Therefore, I believe that it is very important for people, especially those in jail or prison to talk to people outside of that setting, and to experience non-prison living even if just for a short period of time. Everyone needs a break and some self-care, and this is a very effective way to give them that, by giving them the gift of normalcy and worth. Diversity of people leads to a great array of values, beliefs, ideas, customs, etc. which makes these relationships crucial vehicles for change. I believe that this program is a great way to enhance the inmates’ overall well-being, socialization, and perspective. As a social worker, I believe that the social environment plays a huge role in human interaction and behavior. People deserve to be shown their worth. They deserve service that will only promote their capacity and opportunity to move forward and address their own needs and goals. Letting these individuals become exposed to an environment that shows normalcy is an important step towards making them feel empowered and important.


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