What is Wrong with this picture???

As you began Christmas shopping for your children you should look at the race that adverting the toy in the stores for example Toys r Us. Many people may think I’m taking this picture out of context,  but I totally disagree This picture is degrading to the African American race in so many ways .There are so many things wrong with this picture, I don’t even know where to being. This goes beyond just putting a toy on the shelf for consumers and their children. This picture represent the down fall that is happing in America right now, racial profiling is indeed real and is present in this photo. This photo is showing two Caucasian children in a police are and a black, African American, male childe in a red luxury car. As we all know many African American males are pulled over in luxury cars, because the many police have come up with the assumption that if “If a black male is driving a nice car then they are drug dealer or partaking in illegal matters.

The way the boxes are positioned is major because, the police car toy is behind the red care toy, which is barbaric. The way the boxes are positioned is showing the police car is chasing after the red car with the African American, male in it. There is nothing wrong with the toys but it is something wrong with the way the toy is being advertised. The part that is confusing to me is “Why is there a male and female child in the police car, and only one African American child in the red car?”  O Wait I know why. African American males are more likely to get pulled over because of their race.

Racial discrimination can be pointed out in many things that are around us but this toy display was obvious. What kind of message are we sending to the children we display a toy like. In all honesty they didn’t really need to put a picture of the children because its plan to see that is a child’s toy. There is a lot energy put in adversity a toy, I pretty sure that the people who made this toy knew what they were doing when choosing the models for this toy.






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