Another Black Teen Shot in Missouri!!!!!!!!!!!

Vonderrit Myers was shot last week in St. Louis Missouri, not too far from the Ferguson shooting where Michel Brown was killed by a police officer also. In this shooting the police stated that  Vonderrit  had a gun and shot at him three times before he responded with seventeen shots that killed Vonderrit instantly. The relatives stated that that the Vonderrit Myers did not have a gun. According to Faith Karimi and Ben Brumfield from CNN “More than half a dozen bullets struck Vonderrit Deondre Myers, 18, in an encounter with an off-duty police officer. All but one of the shots were nonlethal, striking his lower extremities. The lethal shot hit him in the head.

“It started when Myers and two other males ran from the officer, who was in a car, St. Louis police said. The off-duty officer pursued them because he thought one of them had a handgun. He tussled with Myers, who pulled a weapon, police said.”

After the exchange of fire, Myers was pronounced dead on the scene.

“The officer, a six-year veteran who has not been named, was placed on administrative leave, per standard department procedure. He served two tours of duty with the military in Iraq and was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, Bruntrager said.

When is it going to end when will there be consequences in place to let police know that this will not be allowed in the Justice system. There is this stigma that states that it is okay to take another human being’s life. Even thought there are numerous protest rallies occurring it seems that it is not enough if police are still killing teen.

In the article it stated that Myers was shot in places  where it was not classified as fatal a couple of times until the officer decided to shoot him in his head. I’m no the smartest person when it comes to guns but I’m pretty sure that the first couple of shots slowed Myers down enough so that the officer could retrieve Myers’s gun. The gun shot to the head was excessive and uncalled for.

Myers and Brown were both 18 years old and lived in Missouri. This incident happening in the same state close to one another says a lot about Missouri police officers as a whole . The police officers need to step back and reevaluate their position in the legal. The police officer duty is to serve and protect, not to manipulate and kill. We are in the time where citizens are afraid to seek help and they fear the police.

On a personal level I fear for my brother who is a young, black, 17 year old male.

Even though my brother is very educated and stays out of trouble. I fear the status quo that is against him. I fear the prejudice notations that are given to young black men; I fear the discrimination that hinders young black men from succeeding and reaching their full potential. The societies we live in give black men this label as soon as they are born.


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