Inequality in Health Care !!!!!

Hey I was browsing CNN website and I came across an article that describe caught my attention in a negative way. The article expressed the inequality that is present in some of out hospitals in America. Which is barbaric to you; the fact that health care is not free in this country or the fact that inequality is still present in the health care system?


Taking a look back into history African Americans face a great deal of discrimination in the health care system from white physicians and also employees. You would think that today America has progressed and change their feeling about racism the hospital but in all reality we have a long way to go.

There are numerous forms of racism but this is far more outrageous to me, because everyone should feel safe and secure when it comes to their primary physician or nurse. We look to our doctors to take care of and lead us in the right direction to proper health. African Americans, minorities, and women shouldn’t be afraid to go to the hospital or emergency room and feel discriminated against. No one should feel that they are not receiving proper care because of their status, sex, religion, and race.

The article that I read gave some example of inequality in the hospital setting and here they are. According to Louis Sullivan, and Augustus White (2014),


“Women with symptoms of heart disease often are not transported by     emergency medical services to health facilities as rapidly as men. Women and blacks with heart attack symptoms are not given cardiac catheterizations and other appropriate clinical tests at the same rate as white men. Latinos and African-Americans do not receive the same pain medication for long bone fractures, as do their fellow citizens.

Sullivan and White (2014), stated


“Hospitals would be encouraged to join the fight if equality were included as a metric in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. These rankings are popular and closely watched. They bestow bragging rights on hospitals, but most important, provide guidance for people deeply interested in where they might go to receive the best care in the specialties that concern them most.”


I agree that if they were to place equality in the U.S New and world ranking, it would encourage hospitals to treat all patients with equality but I also feel that the hospital would focus more on their ranking instead of the patient. It should not take a “ranking” to ensure patients are treated equally. Treating patients with equality should a natural instinct in a hospital setting, hell it should be a natural instinct for everyone but only in perfect sadly.


In my final thoughts, I feel that inequality is present in numerous institutions but one place is should not be present is a hospital because we put out lives and trust in to our doctors, nurses, and dentists hands we depend on them to help us maintain a health life.


“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”

Milton Friedman


Sullivan, L. (2014, July 16). Inequality persists in health care. Retrieved September 8, 2014.



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